Back from Israel

Confession time: I’ve been back from Israel for a while now. By a while, I mean months and months. If you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ve noticed that I haven’t written much. In all honesty, I’m still processing everything that happened. It feels like a happy blur. One of the amazing things about […]

Off to Israel…

I wish this was typical of my life: two international trips in two months! Unfortunately, it’s just a fluke. A fluke that’s causing me to miss a lot of work, which nobody is particularly thrilled about (except, perhaps, me – although I am feeling quite guilty about the situation). I’m leaving tonight for JFK, and […]

Nicaragua, Part Ten: San Juan del Sur

Packed with motorcycles, volcano hikes, and horses, three days disappeared in seemingly the blink of an eye. Sadly, it was time to leave Ometepe. A taxi driver with a penchant for 90’s rap music drove us the port city of Moyagalpa to catch the ferry. The ferry ride to San Jorge was uneventful, save for […]

Nicaragua, Part Nine: Adventures on Ometepe

Due to the nature of these activities, we didn’t photograph much of them. The photos we did take were just cell phone shots. You’ll have to let me paint a picture with words. But rest assured, there are some worthwhile (if blurry) shots at the end of this post! For a little bit of background […]

Nicaragua, Part Seven: Getting to Isla de Ometepe

It’s said that nothing worthwhile comes easily, right? Whoever said that clearly has traveled through Nicaragua. The country is absolutely beautiful, but many of its treasures are only reached via challenging or interesting methods of transportation. By this point, Xavier and I were tallying how many unique methods of transportation we had employed in our […]

Nicaragua, Part Six: Granada

Hot and exhausted, we staggered off the bus in Granada. Although we’d hoped for an entire day to explore the gorgeous colonial architecture, domestic airline issues had ruined that plan. No matter. Somewhere along our journey, there had been a highway sign for a hotel with a pool. After a couple of hours sweating on […]

Nicaragua, Part Five: Leaving Little Corn Island

Leaving Little Corn Island was difficult. I’m not just talking about the emotional aspect, although saying good bye to crystalline waters, gorgeous palm trees, daily diving, and an island lifestyle made me want to cry. I mean that literally. People who have spent a lot of time in Nicaragua joke about how things get crazy […]

Nicaragua, Part Three: Scuba Diving Corn Island

We ended up in Nicaragua essentially by accident, but a happy accident it was: Little Corn Island offers some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. I got my open water certification through PADI last summer, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with diving. Living in landlocked Atlanta limits chances to dive. However, I’m […]