30 before 30 bucket list

Everyone needs a bucket list, right? Since mine is mostly travel-related, I thought I’d share it here. Do you have a bucket list?

30 Before 30

  1. Skydive
  2. Scuba dive
  3. Earn my advanced scuba certification (Little Corn Island, Nicaragua: July 2013)
  4. SCUBA dive with whale sharks in the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the GA Aquarium
  5. SCUBA dive in the Galapagos
  6. Learn how to drive stick
  7. Visit Asia (Israel, 2005)
  8. Visit Europe
  9. Go on safari in Africa
  10. Get paid to write something about food
  11. Attend – and finish- PA school
  12. Climb Cotopaxi
  13. Master the tremolo
  14. Be fluent in Spanish
  15. Complete a triathlon
  16. Run a 5K
  17. Run a sub-25:00 5K
  18. Run a 10K
  19. Run a sub-60:00 10K
  20. Complete a half-marathon (Tampa, FL, 2013)
  21. Complete a half-marathon, actually running the whole time
  22. Have a photograph published in print
  23. Build a stock portfolio
  24. Eat a vegetable that I grew from a seed (Atlanta, GA 2013: grape tomato)
  25. Eat sushi in Japan
  26. Hold a monkey (Dominican Republic, 2007)
  27. Bake a pizza in a real, crazy-hot pizza oven (Atlanta, GA 2012)
  28. Travel to a new country for every remaining year of my twenties (25: Ecuador, 26: Nicaragua)
  29. Paint a picture worthy of being hung on a wall
  30. Windsurf successfully

Bucket List

  • Set foot on every continent
  • Take a photo with the pyramids in Egypt
  • Live abroad for at least two years
  • Save a life
  • Complete a marathon
  • Eat at The French Laundry
  • Open my own pizzeria
  • Walk el Camino de Santiago in Spain

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