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Welcome to Sunsets Everywhere, where you’ll find a collection of images, anecdotes, experiences, and tips for traveling.

My name is Julie and I decided to start this blog in July 2013 after being inspired by the lovely travel blogs I found in preparation for a trip to Nicaragua. Reading the experiences of others helped me to make decisions for my own trip. Since I love to travel, explore, take photographs, and write, I figured: why not share my own experiences? Maybe they can help somebody else.

Me on a horse in Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Me on a horse in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Why Sunsets Everywhere? Well, I am obsessed with sunsets. No matter what I’m doing, if I see a pretty sunset, I have to stop and admire it. First of all, I just love the colors. Second, I am fascinated by the idea of them. How cool is it that a sunset is pretty much always happening somewhere in the world? At any given point in time, someplace on our planet is enjoying a sunset. It’s a funny thing, when you’re far from home, to see the sky lit up in pinks, purples, and oranges and know that somewhere far away, the same sun is still shining yellow elsewhere and night has fallen in still more places. Let’s just say I try to enjoy and photograph them wherever I go.

Speaking of which: all of the photography on this blog is mine, taken by me (or by my amazing boyfriend/partner-in-crime, Xavier), unless otherwise cited or mentioned. Some photos are taken with my dSLR (Canon Rebel T1i) and pretty, if I do say so myself. Others are quicker snapshots taken on an iPhone. Sometimes when you’re traveling you don’t want to attract attention by pulling out a giant camera, you know? Regardless, if you want to use anything on the blog, please just ask.

My travel philosophy is this: save when you can, splurge when it’s worth it. I’m not as bare-essentials as a backpacker, and I don’t mind springing for little luxuries like a lobster dinner or an air-conditioned hotel in a tropical climate. But give me a chicken bus to cross a country for $2 USD, and I’m definitely choosing that over the equivalent $50 tour bus ride.

If you’re interested in food, please feel free to check out my other blog, The Popcorn Diet, for recipes and tasty adventures!

Diving Blowing Rock, Corn Islands, Nicaragua
Diving Blowing Rock, Corn Islands, Nicaragua
With my partner-in-crime in Tampa, FL
With my partner-in-crime, Xavier, in Tampa, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera do you use?
Most of the photos on this site are shot with my Canon Rebel T1i. Some are from an iPhone 5. I got my first (and only) dSLR in December of 2010 and absolutely love it. After almost three years, I’m still learning to use new features on that thing! (Granted, I don’t get to practice nearly as often as I’d like).


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